Great Players

Bobby Fischer: Perhaps the greatest player of the 20th century. His meteoric rise to the top of the chess world culminated with his 30-year disappearance from the game. Don't let his political idiocies interfere with the beauty of his chess. When I am finished here, you will find more than 1000 of his games. Play though them... better yet, follow the games here with one the books about his play at your side, to benefit from what masters have to say about these extraordinary games!

Here are all of the games in Bobby Fischer's 60 Memorable Games. If you have not played through this magnificant collection, you are in for the chess treat of a lifetime. My original edition is nearly in shambles. It makes just about every top player's top 5 list of great books.

And since that volume is rather hard to find, here are the games in Andy Soltis's Bobby Fischer rediscovered. Soltis takes a critical look at some of the games in Fischer's book, which ends in 1967, and then adds a good number from later events right right through Fischer's 1992 return match against Spassky. 100 games, all right here!

Some books and videos about Fischer:


Karpov on Fischer. Anatoly Karpov's series of three chess videos exploring the games of the American World Champion Bobby Fischer. Karpov selected his own favorite Fischer brilliancies all played prior to the showdown with Boris Spassky in 1972.