World Championship Matches, 1961-1981

Tal - Botvinnik, 1961. Botvinnik dominates the rematch to recover the crown. Crosstable

Petrosian - Botvinnik, 1963. Pettrosian, the new World Champion! Crosstable

Match Book: The World Chess Championship 1963, by Mikhail M. Botvinnik, Tigran Petrosian, R. G. Wade (Editor).

Spasski - Petrosian, 1966. A narrow win for Petrosian in the first of two matches with Spassky. Crosstable

Here is the tenth match game. It is interesting to see how Spassky energetically pressed the opening, but Petrosian, the great defender, held on and then pressed the counter-attack through Spassky's exposed kingside.

Spasski - Petrosian, 1969. Great offense beats great defense. Spassky prevails. Crosstable

Fischer - Spasski, 1972. An amazing achievement for Fischer. Don't miss games 6 and 13. Crosstable

Karpov - Kortchnoi, 1978. FIDE takes the title from Fischer when he cannot agree to terms for a 1975 match. The challenger Karpov takes the crown and defends in 1978. Crosstable

Match Book: Karpov-Kortchnoi : championnat du monde 1978 : toutes les parties commentées, by Jacques Négro

Karpov - Kortchnoi, 1981 Crosstable