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Chess is Fun now offers a complete series of instructional chess books for the Kindle and for the Nook! Here's the link to the Kindle books.

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The links on these pages will take you to reviews of chess books, chess videos, chess sets, chess clocks, chess computers, and more. Click on the image of my book just above if you are interested in purchasing an autographed copy of my book, THE CHESS ANALYST. All purchases will help to support this web site. Have fun exploring!

Not all of these books are appropriate for every age group. I have tried to list the books and products in each section in order from easiest to more complex. The reviews at Amazon are very helpful because they are from real readers.

There are three basic ways to improve your chess.

For those of you who want to improve further, I recommend the products listed at this web site. At Chess is Fun, I have tried to provide a comprehensive, free chess course for you, but chess is a huge subject. Hearing from other experts is always a good idea, and hearing it over and over will help you to improve!

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